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Doctor Becky Keshmiri Body Slender Laser Center West Palm Beach

About Dr. Becky Keshmiri

Dr. Becky Keshmiri received her Bachelor of Science from Excelsior College. She went on to Life University in Marietta, GA, where she was awarded a Doctor of Chiropractic. Dr. Keshmiri has been in practice for over 15 years in Florida state.

With a focus on health and wellness, Dr. Keshmiri is a noted instructor on spinal health and the correction of degenerative joint disease and frequently presents seminars to the public on health-related topics. She participates in many free clinics as well as several charitable fundraisers for various organizations.

Dr. Keshmiri is a specialist in laser lipo treatments and recommends them in conjunction with whole-body vibration therapy to maximize the inch loss and fat elimination results for her clients.

“It is gratifying to be able to help my clients achieve the body shape they wish through laser lipo treatments,” she says. “I look forward to helping YOU achieve your goals.”

Why Body Slender Laser Center Is Your Go-To Source for Laser Lipo Treatments

Strawberry Laser Lipo Inch Loss Treatments Financing through Care Credit
Instant Results With Laser Lipo

Get Instant Results! No Deformities

Non-Invasive Non Surgical Process

Natural, Painless, and Nonsurgical

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Our System Is FDA Approved

No Drugs or Recovery Time

No Drugs and No Recovery Time

We Speak Spanish English and French

We Speak Spanish and French

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+ Win a Free Laser Lipo Treatment!

Win a Free Laser Lipo Treatment!